Policy for Masterpiece Art School


General classroom policies to help make everyone's experience enjoyable:

Please turn cellphones off, or at the very least put on vibrate when in the classroom.
Clean your own art supplies and materials you have used during your class after each class, and leave the area where you worked in the same condition that it was found, clean (start cleaning up 5-10 minutes before class ends).
If painting, wear an apron, or clothes that you can afford to get paint on. The school is not responsible for any paint, ink, or graphite stains on student's clothes.


Like most fee-for-service based businesses, Masterpiece Art School employs a 24-hour cancellation policy for private, semi-private and group class appointments. We require you give us 24-hours notice to change or cancel an appointment or you will be charged the full fee for that appointment. If you paid for multiple weeks, that fee per class is a relative portion of the total weeks the student has signed up for.

When you book an appointment, you are not simply booking one hour of an instructor's time, you are also reserving one hour of facility space. For many instructor/facility hours, demand exceeds availability. Booking the hour for you pre-empts us from making that instructor/ facility hour available to another client. 24-hours is the minimum amount of notice we require to book the hour to another client. This is the only way we can try to ensure that instructor/facility hours are maximized.

We appreciate that in rare instances, circumstances beyond your control prevent you from providing us with 24-hour notice to change or cancel an appointment. Regrettably, the fee for that cancelled hour remains the responsibility of you, the client. Masterpiece Art School cannot make any exceptions to its policy.


Refunds are only allowable within 24 hours of payment, for all classes, workshops, and bookings. All prepaid sessions are fully transferable but not refundable after initial 24 hours. If the student has signed up for multiple courses, partial refunds can be given, but no refunds are given for classes that the student chose not to attend, and in a multi-week program, missed classes are absorbed at the student's cost (although a courtesy cal or email is appreciated if a student is to miss a class for any reason, so that the instructor knows who will be attending the class that day or week). Please keep your account in good standing. If your account is in arrears, you will not be permitted to book further classes. All online transactions, after class is completed are non-refundable.